Get the best CRM Software for your Field Service Business in 2023

 Field Service Management Software is a vital tool for all sizes of businesses. Field Service CRM software offers plenty of benefits for your business. From organizing contacts to automating important tasks, this versatile software can be used as a central, organized hub to communicate consistently with customers and employees. It is important to have a central hub for communication, especially as more companies move towards remote working.

So, you may be wondering how to effectively manage the field service agents of your business to increase productivity and sales. Field Service Management Software is the answer.

Why does your small business need Field Services Management?

Here are some important reasons why small businesses need Field Service CRM Software.

Improved Efficiency

CRM Service software offers businesses various tools and features that help increase agent productivity and operational efficiency.

Easily accessible database

With cloud databases, you can access your customers' lifecycle, previous conversations, queries, and other information and share this with your agents on the ground. It will allow them to better understand the problem and offer accurate solutions. All relevant data can be stored on the cloud-based CRM, synced in real-time, and with total security.

Seamless communication via mobile app

The mobile application software helps agents log in/log out, raise invoices from the field, and mark locations. It also allows them to update/download reports and resolve tickets. The CRM is updated as soon as an action is taken on the app. This gives admins and supervisor’s complete visibility at all times.

Get Updated Information

The software lets you view your agents' daily service schedules, track their performance, and monitor pending tasks and other services. Stay up-to-date with real-time updates on service tasks, meeting details, or daily service plans via push notifications, email, or SMS. The software notifies the customer via SMS and email once the ticket has been closed.

Accessibility and mobility made easy

A mobile app lets you view and manage all tasks and services assigned while moving. You can check in and out at your customer's location and update their ticket data from a central location. Intelligent Field Management CRM software is characterized by its accessibility. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, allowing you to access all information on the go.

What are the features of a Field Service CRM for the Service Industry?

Below, we have mentioned some key features of the best Field Service Management Software to help you provide outstanding customer service and improve your business productivity.

Manage Real-Time Inventory

The major role of the facilities manager is to track all the essential information about new inventory. You may even maintain a separate inventory in a warehouse for certain locations so that technicians can be sure to have what they need.

The Field Service CRM Software creates and manages new inventory information and updates. You can keep track of the stock history across all warehouses and depots. The technician's app automatically sends a detailed report to the inventory manager.

This solution makes it easy to keep track of your service stock in real time. It ensures that you maintain the inventory properly. You can also resolve issues remotely by keeping track of inventory and service warranties at mobile and permanent locations.

Creating invoices for customers is easy when you have inventory. Thus, the best software in this field supports scanning barcodes and serial numbers to include all parts on the invoice for service delivery.

Optimized Scheduling

Next, the software allows your business to automatically schedule work orders for field technicians and add cases to customer service history. It can automatically schedule work orders for field technicians and add cases to the customer service history.

With Field Service CRM for Service Industry, you can easily create and manage work orders and assign them directly to field technicians. It is integrated with assets, contacts, cases, and entitlements. This allows you to gain access to data across your entire service solution.

Field service companies can also add service jobs, items, customer locations, and attributes to get a full picture of the work that needs to be performed. You can get complete information, from creating work orders to dispatching technicians.

It is easy to track the location of service technicians and ensure they are assigned the correct job. It also allows you to match specific job requirements with different technician abilities based on regulatory requirements, customer preferences, and service call agreements.

Sales Automation

Each CRM solution supports the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to winning and on boarding clients. It will track all sales efforts and observe the contacts' touchpoints.

Marketing aims to increase awareness and convert a lead into a client. A CRM system automates the distribution of promotional material and proposals and posts them to social media sites and corporate websites.

Preventive Maintenance

It is easy to manage customer portals, whether newly installed or already in place. It detects and troubleshoots virtually all issues and can even resolve them remotely. The reports are sent directly to service managers in the back office system.

Field Service CRM allows for the automatic creation and management of maintenance services. You can even reset malfunctioning equipment remotely, reducing the number of technicians you need to visit.

The solution creates a work order when an anomaly is detected, instructs the device to repair the issue by initiating a reset, and assigns a technician to investigate the problem. This proactive strategy increases customer satisfaction by reducing total downtime. The productivity of customers is not affected by device repairs.

This CRM solution has a unique feature that sends alerts and notifications to you and your technicians whenever there are changes in the parts to be replaced. The solution manages all maintenance, from scheduled to "just-in-time" preventative maintenance.

Full Mobility

The Field Service CRM is a technologically-advanced solution that allows your field technicians the freedom to carry everything they need. The solution also helps you provide your field technicians with the necessary tools when they visit the customer.

It is easy to track the time technicians take to complete a job. This fully automated system gives you access to detailed maps, work orders, stock levels, and client information.

Field Service CRM has the advantage of providing field technicians with detailed directions to their destination. It shows the fastest routes to and from jobs on a particular day so that you can perform the functionality.

The Field Service CRM also provides step-by-step repair instructions to your field technicians. The field techs will be fully aware of all the necessary checklists and actions to take while completing the job.

How to Choose the Right Field Service Software?

Here are a few things to remember while deploying CRM Software for Small Businesses:

  • Choose Service CRM Software that fits your business intelligence strategy.
  • Research and discuss the tools and features provided by a particular software to determine if they match your needs. It is important to meet at least 80-90% requirements.
  • The software you choose will be your long-term partner, so it is important to consider factors like stability, reliability, and security.


In Conclusion, Businesses of any size, from sole freelancers to large corporations, can utilize Field Service CRM for Service Industry. The key functions of CRMs are communication, organization, marketing automation, and centralized task management. These are all important for the success of any business.


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